Antonio Lucalla

Italian Sword for Hire

Antonio Lucalla

Italian Sword for Hire (Movitation: Survive and Get Paid) SR 4

Might 1 Daring 2 Melee 2 Defense 1
Duelist 2 Mercenary 1
Lifeblood 10 Advantage 1 Retainer 3
Languages: French, Italian (N)
Boons: Hard-to-Kill, Maneuver Mastery / Flaws: Arrogant, Drunkard
Rapier: 1d6 Dmg; +1 Parry
Actions: Bladework, Lunge, Quick Cut, Feint, Dodge, Parry, Riposte
Author: Mark Sulllivan NPC in: L’Honneur et les Intrigues (Fic)


The Hanged Man: Guy runs Lucalla thru on the first thrust nearly killing him, then binds his wound and cleverly questions him to learn his employer is the Holy See in Rome. Guy then buys a bottle of cheap wine and tells the innkeeper to care for Lucalla – who bears no grudge, seeing Guy as a “skilled and courteous fellow professional.”

After his failure in the Hanged Man, Lucalla has left the Papal States and was next encountered in Lyon with his mistress, Anne Corday.

After the events in Lyon, Lucalla joined the entourage of Guy de Bourges and can now be found in Paris.

Antonio Lucalla

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