Armand de Labrousse

Former duelist, loup garou (SR 07)


Brother to the Soissons Town Govenor and Duelist in the Italian Style (SR 7)

Labrousse is a duelist in the Italian Style who trained at the Fratellanza di Giganti in Paris as a student of Signore Sapristi. His brother is Bertin de Labrousse, the Town Governor and Magistrate of Soissons.

Armand was wounded by Father GaƩtan Signoret at the Melee on Mont Parnasse in Adventure 19: The Missing Master. After the disastrous affair of the Missing Master, Armand left Paris and the Fratellanza and went to Soissons, where his brother is the Town Governor, for a new start in life.

NPC in L’Honneur et les Intrigues

Armand de Labrousse

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