Quennel Saint-Giron baron Saint-Giron

Client of the Prince de Condé (SR 10)


Saint Giron has dark eyes and long, dark, wavy hair. He looks a little like King Louis XIII.


Saint Giron is an expert horseman and swordsman. Captain of the Gendarmes de France du Condé, a Royal Company, and Colonel of the Gendarmes du Condé, the Prince’s private regiment, Saint Giron is ambitious for higher rank, even a Maréchal’s Baton.

Saint Giron is a widower with no children or direct heirs.

Saint Giron attempted to steal the DaVinci Codex, but was foiled by Guy de Bourges who tricked and humiliated him,. Saint Giron hates Guy but was forced into a truce by Guy’s powerful patron, the Duke DeMainz.

Quennel Saint-Giron baron Saint-Giron

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