Beast of Soissons

Woodsman who sold his soul for vengeance and became a loup garou (werewolf)


Huge, hairy, and very scary.


Brother Crispin’s story
“I told you the story of how Governor Labrousse tried to have his way with the young daughter of a Woodsman. She resisted Labrousse’s advances and even scarred the Governor’s face with her nails. In revenge Labrousse ordered her put out in the cold and had her father whipped and then imprisoned in the dungeon of the Chateau.

What I did not tell you was that the Woodsman’s daughter took refuge in her father’s cottage. I saw her there the next day and brought her food and some clothing. But somehow the Governor must have gotten wind that the girl was sheltering there. He ordered Lieutenant Trudeau to burn down the cottage. And after complaints by the Governor, Bishop Hecqueville ordered me confined to the Cathedral grounds leaving that poor girl without anyone to aid her. Later, when I was allowed to leave the grounds, I found what I think is her grave. A simple cairn of stones erected in the woods near the ruined cottage.

About a week after the girl’s exile, I was working in my garden on the Cathedral grounds when I was visited by the Woodsman who had somehow escaped from the dungeons of the Chateau. From his wounds it was clear that he had been the subject of the most awful tortures. I tended his wounds with healing herbs, but when I mentioned that I had seen his daughter and that I was now forbidden to help her, the Woodsman refused to stay. I never saw him again. I can only assume that his daughter had died and he built the cairn over her body. One thing I do remember was that the night after I saw him was November 7—the night of the full moon. The farmers say that they heard a terrible, mournful howling that night. And it was at the end of November that the wolf attacks began.”

After the monk’s tale, the Woodsman told them that after he found his daughter’s dead body, he swore a hideous oath to gain his revenge on those who had harmed him and caused the death of his daughter. He admitted that he had not yet killed the hulking Odo who was responsible for whipping him in the square and for brutalizing him while he was imprisoned. But the main object of his vengeance was still Governor Labrousse who he accused of being a worse monster than the Beast could ever be.

The beast was tracked to his lair by Father Signoret and dispatched with silver weapons by the players. When killed the beast returned to human form. His head was put on a stake outside the Soissons Cathedral and his body was placed in an iron cage and hung from a gibet in the town square.

Beast of Soissons

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