Bertin de Labrousse

Magistrate and Town Governor of Soissons (SR 10)


Location: Île-de-France (Soissons)

Personality: A talker, Bertin de Labrousse is uncomfortable with silence and will talk to fill the gap. He will direct his conversation to a servant or to any other audience. Labrousse is in a sense talking to himself.


Labrousse trained in Paris as a Lawyer (SR 7). He is the magistrate (SR 10) and town governor (SR 8) of Soissons. During his tenure he has earned a reputation for cruelty and rapaciousness.

His brother, Armand de Labrousse (SR 7), is a duelist in Paris at the Fratellanza di Giganti.

Author: Bren NPC in: L’Honneur et les Intrigues (FIC)

Bertin de Labrousse

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