Guy de Bourges chevalier de Sainte-Marie-du-Bois

Minor Courtier (SR 9)



Qualities Level Combat Level Careers Level
Might 0 Brawl 0 Courtier 2
Daring 1 Melee 2 Don Juan 1
Savvy 3 Ranged 1 Traveler 1
Flair 3 Defense 2 Spy 2
Lifeblood 10 Composure 3 Advantage 5 Fortune 6


Guy de Bourges was born in 1600 and grew up on a modestly wealthy estate near the city of Bourges France. The eldest of two sons, Guy’s parents had high ambitions for their son. He was trained in aristocratic arts such as eloquent speech, court dance, exquisite manners, and world literature and sent to court in the hopes of gaining an important post. Attractive and talented, his mother tried time and again to make a good match for her son. Guy, however, outwardly presented a platonic attitude toward love, and although this was considered to be an admirable virtue for gentlemen of his time, it was an attitude that continually frustrated his mother‘s machinations. While at court, Guy discovered that the life of an official did not appeal him nor did a marriage into a higher noble line. An incident of intrigue at court and the constant matchmaking schemes of his mother, led Guy to travel abroad to continue his studies of art and literature. He discovered he enjoyed the life of traveling and meeting new people in all walks of life.

Upon his return to court, he learned his great friend Madame de Rambouillet (Catherine de Vivonne) had opened a popular salon in Paris. He joined in with the burgeoning literary talents for lively discussions that stimulated his intellectual curiosity and helped to hone his razor wit. Another friend from his days at court, Marie de Vignerod de Pontcourlay had married Antoine de Route, Marquis of Combalet and was now the Marquise de Combalet. Because of his connections and gift for the language arts, the Chevalier de la Tour de Vezelay has chosen to send him on minor missions of intrigue. Guy feels he has finally found his niche.


Date Events
1600 Guy de Bourges is born to Pierre and Amelie de Bourges.
1602 Robert de Bourges, brother to Guy, is born.
1610 In May, King Henry IV is assassinated. Nine year old Louis is made king and Marie de Medici is made regent.
1611 Guy falls in La Voiselle River while fencing with wooden swords along the bank wall with his favorite cousin, Lucien, at a family gathering; Lucien pulls him from the water and Guy gives him a childhood soubriquet mon ami Acheron (my dear little river god of Hades) for saving him from a watery death (note: Lucien may call Guy Guion, the diminutive of Guy).
1614 Guy goes to court at 14 with his valet Fabre, and meets friends Catherine de Vivonne, and “Chancie” amongst others. He observes the life of magistrates and other minor officials and realizes he has no patience for, or interest in, administrative routine.
1616-17 While exploring the halls of the Louvre in an area where he really should not have been, Guy inadvertently overhears a gray cloaked Francois Leclerc du Tremblay plotting with the Armand Jean du Plessis, Bishop of Lucon. Although Guy is unsure of the full ramifications of what he has heard and considers himself the soul of discretion, his friend Marie-Madelaine de Vignerot, warns him that he was observed by a servant of Leclerc. While her uncle Richelieu thinks it was unlikely he heard anything vital, Leclerc is concerned about cleaning up loose ends. She warns him to leave court for awhile. She emphasizes that she has only shared with him her uncle’s personal business because she is particularly fond of Guy. He was kind to her when she was first introduced to a hostile court. Guy now finds himself on the wrong side of Leclerc, aka Pere Joseph, whom Guy will soon nickname the Eminence Gris (Grey Eminence). When Richelieu becomes secretary of state in November 1616 and the Grey Eminence spends more time at court, Guy finds it is a good time to tour Italy. There he runs into the bandit Antonio Lucalla in an apparently botched carriage holdup (a cover for an assassination); becomes more devoutly religious and becomes fluent in Italian. In May 1617, Louis exiles his mother and the Duc de Luynes and Richelieu and takes control of the government.
1618-20 Amelie has been ill. Guy returns briefly to France to check on his mother’s failing health and finds his brother Robert resentful of the time Guy spends away from his familial responsibilities. Robert has married the lovely Marie de Languedoc, who is pregnant with her second child. Guy and Robert fight incessantly at home and Guy returns to court.
1621 Guy travels to Belgium and Luxembourg where he meets older the Vizconde Jan Gabriel de Cervantes-Esperanza. Guy learns many new things from his friend and mentor, El Senor Jan, including fancying black garb, navigating a complex world of ever changing loyalties and boundaries, recommitting to the Catholic religion, as well as learning a smattering of Spanish. Word arrives via Cervantes-Esperanza’s network of contacts that the 12 year truce is about to break so he recommends that both he and Guy travel to visit the fabled great city of London. After a tumultuous sea voyage from Antwerp to England, Guy decides the English have no culture and despite presenting themselves as masters of the sea and of fashion, seem to Guy to only be able to master the butchery of the French language. In December, the two travelers return to their respective homes but remain friends, continuing correspondence. Jan gives Guy his pearl earring as a remembrance. On the French political scene, Constable de Luyennes dies of camp fever at the Siege of Montauban.
1622 Back in France, Lucien has returned from the first Hugenot rebellion accompanied by a fellow soldier named Gaston; they all become friends and meet regularly at the Inn of the Two Horses. This is a refreshing change from the court for Guy and reminds him of his beloved adventures on the road. On other days, he also enjoys spending time in Madame de Remboillet’s salon debating philosophy and hearing the latest literary works. Perhaps, thinks Guy, if Gaston improves his poetry and will allow himself to be properly clothed, he can introduce him to Madame. This year Richelieu becomes cardinal.

Guy de Bourges chevalier de Sainte-Marie-du-Bois

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