Old Naudin

Timothée “Old” Naudin is a crippled former soldier (SR 1)


Location: Île-de-France (Soissons)

Description: Old Naudin, or Timothée Naudin as he used to be called, is a one legged ex-soldier who lives in the town of Soissons.

Equipment: Pair of crutches, worn clothing and hat, left shoe, satchel, dagger.


Background: Naudin is an ex-soldier; a piquier who served with Gaston Thibeault in the Duke of Savoy’s regiment. Naudin was wounded and captured at the battle of White Mountain. When he lost the leg, he was released by the Catholic forces. Over the next two years, he then made his way back to France where he scrapes out a living on handouts. His wound and the hard travel has prematurely aged him. His hair has turned gray and his face is lined from pain and hunger. He does not want to join the guild of beggars, so he avoids the big cities like Paris, but as a consequence the alms he receives are barely enough to sustain him.

  • He is given free fruit and vegetables or rarely a copper coin by Yvette the farm girl.
  • He is given pain relieving poultices or drinks by the monk Brother Crispin.
  • He is given a place by the fire and cheap wine at cost or rarely for a story by the innkeeper Petain.

Author: Bren NPC in: L’Honneur et les Intrigues (FIC)

Old Naudin

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