Farm girl from Soissons (SR 2)


Location: Île-de-France (Soissons)
Description: Although no one would describe her face as beautiful, Yvette’s kindness and joy in life illuminates her features in a way that makes her beautiful despite her appearance. She frequently sings to pass the time or when she is happy (which is most of the time) or when she is sad (which is seldom). She is always accompanied by a small dog Ti-Tob.
Personality: Yvette enjoys life, always seeing the glass as half full of lovely wine. She is a kindly girl and has been known to give food or even a copper to beggars like Old Naudin. Before returning home from the market she frequently gives away to the poor the aging produce that she could not sell during the day.

Equipment: Clean, well-made, but simple farm clothes, small knife, basket of fruit and vegetables.

Author: Bren NPC in: L’Honneur et les Intrigues (FIC)


Background: Yvette works on a farm which has fields outside of the town of Soissons. She comes in to town every other day or so to sell fruit and produce from the farm.

Yvette met and liked Norbert in Adventure 20: Envoy and Entourage. She was a focal point for Adventure 33: Winter of the Wolf, though in most of that adventure Norbert seems to take her for granted or sideline her.


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