Yvette's Revenge

18-gun Xebec galley


Yvette’s Revenge is an 18-gun Xebec galley – Xebecs feature a distinctive hull with pronounced overhanging bow and stern; it has lateen sails but relies on its rowers when the wind is not with them.

Size 2 Sails 2 Guns 1 Crew 2
Hull 0 30 Timber
Boons: Oars, Extra Swivel Guns (+1d6% damage to enemy crew complement in boarding actions)
Flaws: Popular Target, Cramped Quarters


Formerly a Barbary Corsair galley named “Scourge” this ship was captured by the Foul Corsair and others. She now serves as a privateer owned by the Duke DeMainz and captained by the Foul Corsair.

Yvette's Revenge

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