Tag: A39


  • Quennel Saint-Giron baron Saint-Giron

    Saint Giron is an expert horseman and swordsman. Captain of the Gendarmes de France du Condé, a Royal Company, and Colonel of the Gendarmes du Condé, the Prince’s private regiment, Saint Giron is ambitious for higher rank, even a Maréchal’s Baton. …

  • Bettremieu Moulin

    Moulin is the Manager of the Brothers Vitoria bank in Paris. He is a financier to the Queen-Mother and the nobles of the dévot faction at court. Moulin was first encountered in the Adventure 16: The Vicomte's Garden Party. Norbert & Gaston kept him …

  • Benedict LeVan

    LeVan is a hypochondriac making frequent use of remedies to "cure" his latest ailment. He will happily discuss his symptoms at great length. During the 1623 diplomatic mission to Holland Guy strongly suspected LeVan was a Spanish Spy.

  • Charles de Foix-Gras, Baron de Gras

    Charles de Foix-Gras earned a reputation as a gambler and a wastrel, but remains in the Queen-Mother’s good graces. His wife [[:h-l-ne-de-foix-gras | Hélène]] a maid to the Queen-Mother, Marie de Medici. The Queen Mother's influence obtained the …

  • Hélène de Foix-Gras

    Hélène de Foix-Gras is the wife of [[:charles-de-foix-gras-baron-de-gras | Charles de Foix-Gras Baron de Gras]] and a maid to the Queen-Mother, Marie de Medici.

  • Left Hand of God

    The Left Hand of God is an infamous Spanish Assassin whose true face is unknown. After he was shot in the heart by [[:guy-de-bourges | Guy de Bourges]] during a skirmish on the Pont Neuf after which, the Assassin fell from the bridge into the Seine. …

  • Alvarro Pietro de Santos

    Señor de Santos is a Spanish gentleman, an ex-soldier, and a client of [[:don-antonio-de-z-iga-y-d-vila-marqu-s-de-mirabel | Don Antonio]]; de Santos moves with the feline grace of a master swordsman.

  • Señor de Guzman

    Señor de Guzman is a Spanish gentleman about which almost nothing is known. He was recommended to Don Martin by [[:don-roderigo-diego-de-salamanca-y-ribera | Don Roderigo]] and he was vouched for by the [[:don-antonio-de-z-iga-y-d-vila-marqu-s-de- …

  • Bertrand de Coutard

    Bertrand de Coutard is a student of the Fratellanza di Giganti and a duelist in the Spanish Style. In Adventure 19: The Missing Master de Coutard fought [[:guy-de-bourges | Guy de Bourges]] to a draw at the Melee on Mont Parnasse. He is Infamous as …

  • The Thin Man

    The Thin Man was seen by Guy at the Duke DeMainz’s chateau. The Thin Man arrived in an expensive but unmarked coach.

  • Rosette Christine Daladier

    Rosette Daladier is a very intelligent young gentlewoman and maid-attendant to [[:h-l-ne-de-foix-gras | Baroness Hélène de Foix-Gras]]. She likes and admires [[:guy-de-bourges | Guy de Bourges]]. She was first encountered in Adventure 18: The Poison Ring …